Outdoor Trip Ideas around Lebanon

During the era of the pandemic, we all need a place to escape sometimes, and not only for the sake of avoiding crowded areas. Even a change in our setting can be healing in times of global fear and insecurity. In this regard, Oregon has a lot to offer, and we will show you why choosing this state for exploring can be your best choice this year. Specifically Linn County in northwest Oregon.


Foster Lake – the first excuse to look up for houses for sale in Lebanon, OR

About 14 miles drive from Foster Lake there is a town with a name that sounds like the sweetest cliché of every real estate agency in Lebanon or elsewhere, called simply – Sweet Home. Though it’s a small town, with approximately 9,000 inhabitants, it has many recreational opportunities. Seven city parks, nearby hiking, and rock climbing trails, as well as different camping and picnic sites, are among them. However, the greatest and most famous of all are Green Peter Lake and Foster Lake, both of which lie in the eastern part of town.

Foster Lake originates from the 1960s, due to the building of Foster Dam across the South Santiam River. Though it was made as a reservoir for flood control, power generation, and irrigation, it also serves as a recreation center of this region, most popular for fishing and boating. It has a warm and dry summer, which makes it a perfect choice for a refreshing getaway during long summer days.

Sunnyside County Park is located on the northeastern edge of the reservoir. It is a 98-acre park, covered with playgrounds and campgrounds. This whole region is a great place for a variety of water sports, such as swimming, jet-skiing, kayaking, water skiing. For fishing, there are two stocked fishing ponds, with an annual trout population of about 40,000 in this area. If you have any water sports gear, prepare it for the abundance of water activities. If you don’t have gear, don’t worry – there is a possibility to rent it on the spot.

On the north shore of the lake lies another relaxation area called Lewis Creek Park. It has plenty of picnic sites, a beach, barbecues, paved trails, as well as fishing and moorage spots.
However, Foster Reservoir can be quite packed during the summer weekends. The best solution to this problem is to take a day off and run to nature on a weekday, or simply to wait for September when crowds usually get smaller. Regardless, the area is large enough for you to always find a quiet place among the hills and forests around each shore of the lake.


Green Peter Lake – the second excuse to search for homes for sale in Lebanon, OR

Green Peter Lake is another artificial lake created on the Santiam River, on its middle part, for the very same reasons as the Foster Lake. Its main splendor lies in the deep, tall, and old-growth forests surrounding it. Some trees are 450 years old and 200 feet tall, giving the scenery around the water a fairy-tale-like sensation.

It has two campgrounds, Whitcomb Creek County Park and Quartzville Group Camp. They offer around 140 campsites. Popular activities include hiking, fishing, sailing, and bird watching. Tall trees and ferns around your tent will provide deep shade and let you install your hammock easily. It’s huge to explore while having easy access to the Green Peter Reservoir.
On the north shore of the Green Peter Lake, you can easily approach the water by the boat at the renovated Thistle Creek County Ramp.


McDowell Creek Falls County Park – another reason to move near Lebanon, OR

One of the many Oregon’s hidden gems is located just 15 miles northeast of Lebanon called McDowell Creek Falls Park. It is known as the smaller version of Silver Falls. Compared to the largest state park in Oregon, it has quite a laid back feeling. It means that you can swim and wade among the waterfalls, and bring your dog on a hike with you. Not the least, this place is much less crowded than Silver Falls State Park, which makes it a good option if you want to keep up with social distancing and maintain a safe space between yourself and others.

The park has four waterfalls and 3 miles of hiking trails. The level of difficulty is mostly easy, which means it is ideal for exploring it with kids. There are few steep-ish climbs, but the majority of the trail is made out of the elevated wooden boardwalk, with picnic tables and nice views of the falls. Although the forest gets very deep at several spots, the creek always remains nearby. The Royal Terrace Falls, Crystal Pool, and the Majestic Falls are among the most iconic sites of the trail.

If you’re searching for land for sale in Lebanon, OR, its nearness to this idyllic scenery can make it a top choice.


Clear Lake – the most marvelous motive to search Lebanon, OR real estate market

This remarkable mountain lake is located only 60 miles from Lebanon, OR, near Mount Washington. It was created 3,000 years ago by the volcanic eruption, which redirected the flow of McKenzie River, generating what’s known as Clear Lake.

The name of the lake is rather self-explanatory. The water allows you to see up to 200 feet down, making Clear Lake one of the best spots for diving in the whole US. Its clarity is outstanding, making you wonder if it’s a real lake or just a brand new swimming pool. It is why the lake is perfect for a variety of water sports, including fishing, diving, swimming, and paddling. The pristine nature of the area is preserved by the fact that the motorized boats are not allowed. It guarantees a calm and serene experience.

After you’ve explored the myriad of activities on the water – such as diving, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing, you can then spend some time out of it. McKenzie River National Recreational Trail lies along the eastern section of the lake. It is a world-famous hiking destination, suitable not only for beginners but also for experienced hikers and mountain bikers. You will enjoy exploring the geology of the lava fields, forests, pools, and waterfalls.

Camping around Clear Lake is possible on several spots. Whether you choose the luxurious Clear Lake Resort on the north or more easygoing Coldwater Cove Campground on the east end of the lake, you will find a place to recharge and treat yourself.


Sweet home Oregon, where the skies are so blue

Looking for a sweet home in Lebanon, OR real estate market should be an enjoyable experience. Once you travel and explore the region and fall for its outdoor possibilities, there is only one step left: narrowing it down to the perfect real estate in beautiful rural Oregon.