Oregon as a possible safe place during the COVID-19 outbreak

How has the current global situation made houses and homes for sale in Lebanon more appealing than ever?

Due to the state of “a new normal” created by the ongoing pandemic, we are all made to rethink the values of an urban lifestyle. Physical and social distancing measures forced us to spend most of our time at home, turning it into an office, a classroom, a restaurant, a recreation place, playground, and a café, or all at once, depending on our needs at that moment. We work from home, spend leisure time at home, exercise at home, our children study and play at home. We cook, plant, and read more than before, everything at home. It became almost the only space we live our lives in.

Upsetting as it may sound, it will not last forever. However, until things change, all we can do is to make our homes as cozy, restful, and functional as we can. If that means you need extra space, a backyard, or a pool, moving to a larger, suburban house could be the solution to your problem.

Linn County in Oregon has a lot to offer in terms of changing our habits of living in big cities. You can see why.


Oregon COVID-19 numbers in significant decline

Though in general COVID-19 data changes rapidly, we can say that Oregon has successfully fought the coronavirus issue so far. Linn County has 389 total confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19, with the numbers beginning to decline since the end of August. On 1 September, a total of only 140 cases were reported, bringing the state’s total to 27,075, while Linn County reported one new case. That’s the lowest daily case total since June.


Land for sale in Lebanon, Oregon as the land of promise

Diverse in terms of geography and population, Oregon offers a good mix of different ways of living. Its landscape varies from some of the most prominent mountains in the US to the rainforests; from the barren desert and magnificent coastline to the modern urban areas; from wooded valleys, to clear blue lakes and rivers.

If we can argue that the perfect balance between urban and rural lies somewhere in the suburbs, then this state might match our expectations. If you have a passion for the great outdoors and prefer to be safely isolated from the crowds during the pandemic, surrounded by beautiful nature throughout the year, yet a few miles away from the urban centers of Portland and Salem, able to mingle with city dwellers and enjoy the hipster capital of the US after only one hour ride, then Oregon is the best bet. It has many rural and suburban towns many people have never heard of.

Linn County and its city of Lebanon, OR real estate market has boomed during the COVID-19 outbreak. Despite the global economic and health insecurity, this situation brought us, people are still buying homes in Oregon. New circumstances we can blame for this fact are related to the closed offices and schools.

Unlike houses and apartments in dense cities, suburban homes provide families with everything they need during these new times: large inside space, with separate rooms for work, child’s play and study, piece of land, with enough space for gardening. It allows you to be productive, yet self-sufficient while remaining healthy and socially responsible by being secluded from the crowds.
As a consequence, you can live more remotely, until it becomes safe again to come back to the big city. Instead of traveling away to reach scenic nature, here, you can just step outside. You can arrange your backyard, porch, or veranda any way you like, and remain surrounded by green vibes. Some house sellers say it’s having your life back as a blank canvas. Now you can turn it into a painting of any color and shape you want.

Whether you want to garden vegetables, raise livestock, plant flowers and herbs, ride a horse or simply relax on the patio or the green grass of home, suburban houses for sale in Lebanon, OR can help your wish become reality. Here you will be your own boss, with no need to follow your property owners association’s rules.


COVID-19 home shopping priorities

Similarly to how the pandemic changed our shopping habits by making us shop online, it changed our home shopping intentions. While apartment sales are hit hard by the pandemic, houses are selling at a faster rate compared to the last year. New rules of life brought us new rules of housing.

Expanding our living space is usually the first motive for buying a new house. For families whose members work and go to school/university remotely due to the period of social isolation, this is a must. It means that each of them has their own private space for work and study.
For spare time and relaxation inside, room to workout and play are essential. Maybe you don’t need a personal gym inside your home, but enough room for exercise can help you stay motivated during training.

The second reason is the need for an outside space. Whether it’s a small backyard, front porch, patio, or a big garden, such houses in Oregon have gained much more value due to the global circumstances. There you can have a weekend getaway without crossing a single mile, remaining both safe and entertained at the same time.

The rest of the motivation is hosting other family members during hard times, usually elder parents, for whom we want to avoid sending in nursing homes for the elderly with a risk of staying alone and locked down for months. They can share the same living space with us, or we can provide them with a self-contained, accessory dwelling unit. It will increase the resale value of the entire property, and you can also rent it once the pandemic is over. In each case, upgrading our home is an inevitable step.

Larger cooking and dining area, as well as bigger storage space, are other important reasons for improving our living space during the coronavirus outbreak. Being an everyday chef, it is important to have a comfy and spacious kitchen.


Can real estate agencies in Lebanon help you create your COVID-19 escape?

The definite answer is yes. Real estate agents in Oregon say that the priorities of home shoppers have significantly been changed during this year. The nearness of downtown has become a shortcoming, instead of being an advantage. Cooking organic food you have cultivated by yourself is now more attractive and tastier than having dinner in a fancy restaurant. In short, rural living and country life have taken precedence over the urban lifestyle.

Some of the best real estate agencies in Lebanon, OR can outline your future home for you. They will help you find out what environment and type of house you need most. Is it one big household with several rooms, enough for each member of the family and each of their daily activities, or one big multi-level main house sharing the acre with a secondary unit, while later it can help you generate rental income? Would you prefer riverfront land, with access to the water, with a boat and its following equipment, or a forest-like landscape with tall trees and wildlife, to create your own private park? These are some of the first questions brokers in Lebanon, OR will ask you. Whatever your answer may be, the abundance of Oregon nature and its real estate market will have the right answer to it.