Traveling Around Oregon – Routes and Places

Is Oregon worth visiting? That is the question that can be asked only by someone who has never traveled to or heard of this magnificent state. Oregon has its own natural gems and urban corners just waiting to be discovered by newcomers. Those who are experienced with Oregon already know this magical, Pacific Wonderland.

This article will show you some of the most magical places around the state and might help you to plan your Oregon trip. You will find out why this state has so much to offer in terms of traveling and why it became one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Whether you’re looking for houses for sale in Lebanon, Oregon, or just want to visit Oregon’s most fabulous cities on the coast, there are some great ideas below.

In between

Settled between the desert-scape of California and Washington’s forests, as well as between the ocean and Idaho, Oregon has a wide variety of geographical characteristics. In terms of traveling, this is an important thing to keep in mind, since it offers you an array of possibilities when planning a trip. It can also be a challenge, in that it can be quite difficult to decide where exactly to go and which destination to choose!

Oregon has something to offer everyone: from lakes to ocean, from valleys to mountains, and from large, urban areas to simple, suburban lifestyles. It is up to you where you would like to go.

The Most Famous Traveling Destinations in Oregon

Being the major mountain range in western North America, The Cascade Range connects California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Not only does it form the famous Ring of Fire, but it also makes a strong, natural connection between the south- and the north-west United States. In Oregon, these mountains divide the state into the western and eastern parts, forming volcanoes and national parks worth visiting.

Among the most notorious of these is Crater Lake National Park, with its dramatic scenery and outstanding natural characteristics. Crater Lake itself is the country’s deepest lake and is additionally one of the deepest lakes in the world. The deep blue color and the lake’s surroundings make it a popular weekend getaway choice for many Oregonians. If you are traveling around the southwest part of the state, this destination is an absolute must.

Up in the northern part of the state, only 140 miles from Lebanon, lies Mount Hood; Oregon’s highest peak and its ultimate landmark. For those who are into hiking, this mountain offers picturesque paths and scenic viewpoints. The most famous is Trillium Lake, offering a Fuji-like view of the mountain. When you keep in mind that this mountain still is a potentially active stratovolcano, the sheer respect and admiration for this piece of land increase. If you are wanting to move to this area, thus making this natural gem disposable to yourself at any time of the year, real estate agencies and brokers in Lebanon or somewhere nearby can certainly help you make this dream come true.

Another legendary Oregon landmark, whose shape can be found on many Oregon souvenirs, is located right on the coast. Cannon Beach offers nothing but peace and calm once you step onto the sand. The entire city got its name after a cannon from the shipwrecked U.S. navy schooner Shark washed ashore. However, the beach itself is renowned for several large stone formations, especially for the Haystack Rock, which gives this scenery a specific look. It is no wonder why National Geographic listed this location as one of the world’s 100 most beautiful places.

Around 300 miles south of Cannon Beach, there is Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, offering another outstanding oceanside scenery. If you miss out to visit Cannon Beach on your trip, you will find a well-worthy substitution on Lone Ranch Beach.

When it comes to urban areas, the majority of them are located in the central part of the state, with Portland, Bend, Eugene, and Salem being among them. It is why the good infrastructure in the state caused Lebanon, Oregon’s real estate market started booming recently, and homes for sale in Lebanon, Oregon so desirable. The same goes for the land for sale in Lebanon, Oregon as well.

The most distinctive urban points outside this area include Astoria and Newport.

Train Ride Around Oregon

Since it’s difficult to even scrape the surface of Oregon’s traveling landmarks, and only to mention some of them, we’d like to make a suggestion off-the-beaten-path when visiting.

A century ago, the railroad was America’s most important transportation system. More than that, it was a way of life. After World War II, things drastically changed, when automobile and air transport took precedence, making the railroad almost unnecessary. From being the railroad giant, the United States soon became the world’s automobile industry leader.

For this reason, it is easy to make a good itinerary for the road trip anywhere across the United States, including Oregon. Yet, why not opt for a different and unconventional way of travel, and choose a train ride across this northwestern state, rather than your average rent-a-car?

Traveling by train in America nowadays brings a specific, vintage taste to a vacation. It cannot be compared to anything else. Many Americans are not even aware of the fact that these train tracks still exist and that trains operate very efficiently.

Amtrak offers three magnificent routes around Oregon. Amtrak Cascades rides from Vancouver, BC, through Tacoma, Portland, Salem, until Eugene, lasting around 10 hours. Coast Starlight rides from Seattle to Los Angeles and lasts for about 35 hours. Empire Builder goes all the way from Chicago, through Spokane, Seattle, until Portland. It is the longest one, lasting around 46 hours in full. It’s up to you where you are coming from and what is your final destination, but you can always board the train somewhere in between, and spend at least several hours on it, if not several days.

The unsurpassed scenery of Oregon mountains, lakes, and cities is what you can expect on these routes. Imagine falling asleep somewhere south, for example in Los Angeles, and waking up the next day in the early morning, right behind the snowy peak of Mount Hood, drinking your morning coffee. Think of passing by the scenic area of Columbia River Gorge, while sitting in the comfortable train seat, with the glass roof, so that you can watch the sky. Hop off the train in Eugene to visit the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, or spend several days in Portland, leaving the train in one of the most charming Union Stations in the country.

In some areas, the train goes through the deep forest, letting you see only trees and the sky, feeling trapped in the beauty of nature. In other places, you will have a wide perspective of valleys, hills, lakes, and mountains, with a large horizon behind them.

In any case, such a railroad experience will bring you the impression of being in a moving museum or cinema, dedicated to the beauties of Oregon. This open-air, full-time exhibition will show you only some of Oregon’s landmarks, but think of it as a good start for future exploring of this northwest Pacific state.