Suburban Charm of Living in Oregon

The urban-suburban dichotomy is as old as modern, capitalist American life. This contradiction became popular once again recently, when the outreach of the COVID-19 pandemic forced many people to rethink living in big cities, in search of a peaceful, suburban life, surrounded by nature and away from the crowds.

If you’re looking for land for sale in Lebanon, Oregon, or somewhere near, to build a perfect new home for your family, the insight into the suburban lifestyle around the state can help you to make your decision stronger.


A Brief Chronology of the Suburban Life in the United States

The beginning of suburban life in North America dates back to the early 20th century. Suburbs were conceived as the ideal blend of both rural and urban areas, combining the best of both worlds into one unity. In the United States, suburbs appeared as the alternative to the existing communities and very soon became the new way of living.

During the 1950s they became the predominant goal of a family lifestyle when many families started to move from big cities into the suburbs. The famous American dream got its outline with the perfect family, large, stereotyped homes, and a matching car, all placed in a suburb. Suddenly, it became the reality for an average American family.

During the 1980s things changed in favor of big cities, when city life became a more popular lifestyle than it used to be, particularly for the younger generations.

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new twist to the American lifestyle. In light of social distance and isolation, many people are considering returning to the suburbs. Real estate agencies in Lebanon, Oregon can confirm this fashion as well. However, we can say it’s a global trend, not only related to America since the pandemic has affected the lives of all people around the world by the same token.


Suburban Areas Around Portland

Homes for sale in Lebanon, OR might be the right choice for those who want to live suburban life, with the possibility of an easy commute to and from big cities. Car, train, bus, bike, or carpool are the common transport systems in Oregon. All the largest cities in Oregon have 50 percent or more of their workforce residing outside of the city borders. It means that the other 50 percent of the workforce travel every day to and from work.

Only in Portland, more than 250,000 workers live outside Portland, which means they live somewhere in a suburb while working in a big city. Every day, over a quarter of a million people, come to Portland, thanks to the remarkable freeway and transit system that transport workers around the state.

If you opt for some of the Portland neighborhoods, you can choose between Beaverton, Hillsboro, Happy Valley, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Tualatin, Gresham, Milwaukie, and Durham, among others. Being the “hot spot” in the mainstream spotlight for several years now, it is no wonder why Portland is among the most popular cities to live in the entire US. It attracts thousands of new residents each year, due to its job opportunities, various business events, cultural venues, breweries, distilleries, and plenty of outdoor destinations.

Portland’s metro area is divided by Interstate 5, Highway 26, and Interstate 84 to the Westside and Eastside of the city. Westside is a place for most of the suburban areas of the city, with the best schools and relatively easy transportation to downtown. The Eastside of Portland holds some of the oldest houses in the city, built in the first half of the 20th century, all emitting the authentic, local feel Portland is known for. However, this area has become more densely populated in the last decades.

Though it is the most popular Oregon city, Portland does not have to be your first choice. There are many other places around the state of Oregon that can suit your needs for suburban life. Some of the best real estate agencies in Lebanon, OR, and in other cities are always willing to help you while looking for your new home.


Suburban Areas Around Oregon

Do the cities Silverton, Sublimity, Wilsonville, Crest Drive, Thurston, or Lebanon, all based in Oregon, ring any bell? If not, you surely have missed some of the most famous and popular suburbs of this northwestern state. Each big city has its favorite suburb neighborhoods.

The Eugene – Springfield – Albany – Salem area is an excellent choice for those who want to stay away from the Portland crowds, yet remain close enough to other focal points of Oregon (namely both the University of Oregon and Oregon State University, the capital of the state and many other cultural and artistic events and natural sights).

Some of the top-rated neighborhoods around Eugene are Crest Drive, Fairmount, Southeast, and Amazon. Crest Drive provides everything from modern apartments and condos, traditional single-family homes, older properties, to various other residential choices of all sizes. Fairmount is known for its great K-12 schools and area parks, such as Hendricks Park or Moon Mountain City Park, both are fantastic for outdoor activities. Being the home to Lane Community College, Southeast is a good area for students to live. One of the most walkable areas in Oregon is Amazon, which is also a conveniently short distance from the University of Oregon.

Living in Springfield offers a dense, suburban feel with Thurston being its most recognized neighborhood. while living in Springfield offers a dense suburban feel as well. Most of the residents own their homes, and the city has many parks and recreational opportunities.

Albany is a small, farming town, boasting affordable living. It is renowned for its pleasant, green environment and family-friendly events. The city has several neighborhoods, all of which have convenient access to both Oregon State University and Linn Benton Community College.

The Salem area is made up of suburbs in all shapes and sizes, suiting all tastes. From Sublimity and Dundee, prominent for the wealthier residents around, to Wilsonville and Silverton, known for the best schools in the region, the suburbs of Salem will have something for everybody.

Just as importantly, the city of Lebanon in Linn County sublimes all the above-mentioned qualities. It has mild, sunny weather, a small and suburban, but friendly and well-organized community, 12 city parks, as well as wonderful elementary and post-secondary education. It is central to all important locations in Oregon. Ask brokers in Lebanon, OR to guide you to other advantages of living in this city.



The most logical argument for moving into the suburbs of Oregon is the remarkable nature of this state. The proximity of the dramatic Pacific coast, the glorious Cascade mountains, and the charming vineyard of the Willamette Valley are only parts of it. Additionally, it has a green, picturesque setting, with lots of recreational and outdoor activities in every single neighborhood.

For this reason we can say that Oregon has transformed its suburbia toward the long-forgotten American dream. In this time of pandemic, when back-to-nature becomes the ultimate and most ethical principle, who can ask for more?