Hosting the Right 4th of July Meal for You

The 4th of July is a day of patriotism, revelry, and family. It gives friends and families an opportunity to gather for a day of relaxation, celebration, and of course, food! There’s nothing quite as quintessentially “summer” as a 4thof July cookout. With that in mind, we decided to look at a few ways to best set up this tastiest of traditions.

The Traveling Picnic

  • A classic setup. With burgers and brats on the grill, folks can come and go as they please with paper or plastic plates to limit the damage.
  • For prep work, this is the least intensive option. The more expansive your outdoor space, the better, but even small touches can help promote positive social interactions.
  • Consider ways to accentuate your yard with spaces for folks to set down their food. The opportunity to stand and chat with a hand free (or a hand with a drink) puts everyone at ease.

The Extended Table

  • Indoors or outdoors, if your family loves to cook together, then everyone will want to take a seat and eat together.
  • The hassle of cobbling together a make-shift space for your brood is a stress not worth your time. If you’re short on storage space (or don’t think it’ll get use otherwise), foldup tables are easily available for rental from most party stores.
  • It’s the 4thof July, so go all-out with decorations! There’s no need to be bashful – a stylishly loud tablecloth can be a talking point all evening!

The Couple’s Night

  • Not everyone has the opportunity to get together with their family for the 4th, but the evening can be special nonetheless.
  • If you and your significant other are accustomed to a big bash, the best pathway to enjoying your alternative 4this aiming for a completely new experience.
  • A few well-placed candles, particularly with red-white-and-blue holders, can set the mood pleasantly, and make a well-cooked meal for two on the deck a new tradition.