Fishing in Oregon – The Beaver or the Salmon State?

Oregon is considered to be one of America’s most diverse fishery spots, with many claims that few places in the world can boast of having so many exciting and distinctive fishing opportunities. For those looking for homes for sale in Albany or elsewhere around the Willamette Valley and Oregon, these facts can be quite relevant, whether you are into fishing trout, fly fishing, or any other fish species and fishing technique.

The reason lies in Oregon’s immense biodiversity. We have been writing a lot about this Pacific state’s natural resources in terms of hiking, gardening, and tourism, and now it is time to feature the ones related to fishing.

Coast Fishing in Oregon

Every angler connoisseur can confirm that saltwater fishing in Oregon is an absolute must for fishing lovers, claiming it to be a world-class fishing experience. Not only because the Oregon coastline stretches around 362 miles from the joined coast with California to the Columbia River, offering stunning scenery all along the way, but also due to the variety of fish species found all over the state. It means only one thing – the fishing opportunities are truly vast, both for shore and boat fishermen, as well as for commercial and sport fishing.

The most notorious species among the variety of fish that can be found on the Oregon coast include albacore tuna, salmon, halibut, sturgeon, bass, American shad, steelhead, and panfish, among others. Anglers can use both private boats and charters, and many excellent tours operate throughout the entire year, offering an all-day fishing experience. If you’re looking for shoreline fishing instead, they can also catch fish near rocky jetties or on one of many sandy beaches. The possibilities are countless.

Fishing season in the Pacific ocean is open all year round, yet its peak is, generally speaking, between May and October, during the summer and early fall months. However, depending on what fish you are interested in, this season may vary. The salmon and tuna seasons are somewhat shorter and last from June to September, while halibut can be caught year-round. For those buying land for sale in Albany, Oregon, and settling down there, the scenic trip to the coast and its fishery away from the crowds is most enjoyable.

Depending on the fish species and your fishing technique, you can move around the coast in the search of what you are looking for. For example, Cannon Beach is a good starting point for those wishing to catch bass, salmon, and sturgeon, as Nehalem and Tillamook Bays are popular nearby fishing spots. Rockaway beach, on the other hand, is the place for fishing halibut, rockfish, and salmon.

For those interested in offshore fishing, the Beaver State is the ultimate place to be. There are dozens of fisheries suited for deep fishing, from iconic Astoria in the north, through centrally-located Newport, all the way down to the tuna capital of Coos Bay on the southern coastline. You can take your pick and enjoy fishing to the deepest depths.

Just as relevant, one of the most popular shore fishing techniques nowadays is called surf fishing. This technique means catching fish that are wading in the surf of the saltwater. The area of Gold Beach in Oregon is a perfect location for this sport, including several spots nearby – Nesika Beach, Meyers Beach, Cape Sebastian, and Pistol River State Wayside Beach, along with others.


Lake and River Fishing in Oregon

It is not only the Pacific Ocean that makes this state a natural phenomenon. Oregon is called the Pacific NorthWET, due to a large amount of precipitation throughout the year, which makes its lakes and rivers rich with water and, consequently, also fish.

Notorious for being one of the best mountain bike trails in North America, the McKenzie River flows right through the Willamette Valley, from the Cascades to Eugene. It is also known for the wildlife surrounding it, abundant in flora and fauna. This river is home to plenty of fish species, including salmon, rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout. If you like spending your spare time casting a hook down by the river, and if you are searching for houses for sale in Albany, Oregon, this Linn County aquatic gem will prove a paradise regained very close to your future home.

Another fishing spot in this area is the North Umpqua River. It is nestled deep in the Cascades, and offers numerous recreational opportunities, from hiking, to rafting, to fishing. The fish species most populating this river are rainbow, brook, and brown trout. However, the North Umpqua River is probably most famous for being the top steelhead destination in the United States, and there is a reason for that. During summer, the fish are quite active, and you can expect to meet fishermen from around the world coming to enjoy this occasion.

Fern Ridge Reservoir is the largest lake in the Willamette Valley, and is located close to Eugene and Albany, which makes it an easily accessible fishing destination. It is also a popular area for water skiing and sailing. This reservoir is considered to be one of the best crappie fishing spots in the state, with bass, bluehead catfish, and bluegill are also very common.

About a two-hour drive from Albany, located close to Bend, lies Oregon’s second-largest reservoir, Crane Prairie Reservoir. Here you can find massive brown and rainbow trout, as well as kokanee fish. Due to the ever-changing level of the lake during summertime, it is recommended to fish from a boat.


Fishing Adventures At Your Fingertips

One of the perks of living in this area is the nearness of everything you need for spending your weekends and holidays in nature, close to the water, and fishing the good life. Not all real estate agencies in Albany, Oregon, and around the Willamette Valley, are fully aware of the marketing potential that lies in the fishing possibilities of the area.

Windermere brokers in Albany can help you to find a place that suits all your angling needs, and then it’s your turn to find a perfect fishing spot near your new home. Considering the abundance of Oregon’s both fresh and saltwater fauna, it won’t be a difficult task. Just one last note – once you set the hook, expect to get caught here forever.