Seth Waddell

Seth Waddell

Principal Broker | The Waddell Group | Realtor®

987 NW Circle Blvd
Corvallis, OR 97330

Office: (541) 754-6101
Direct: (541) 829-1341


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My Background

I moved to Corvallis from the Sacramento area in 2005 to attend Oregon State’s College of Forestry. Having worked in restaurants the entire time I was in school, once I received my degree I discovered that I was more interested in talking to people than measuring trees. I have managed the Crowbar at American Dream in downtown Corvallis for the last seven years. My time at the “bar in the alley” has given me the opportunity to get to know people from every part of the Corvallis community, and they have been telling me for years that I should get into real estate…so here I am.


People are very important to me, and the fact that I care about who they are and what they need is what helps me perform my job well. I have a young family and I know how important it is to our lives together that we were able to find the right house for us.
I genuinely want to see my clients end up in a house that will serve their needs now and into the future. It is incredibly gratifying to know that I helped a family like my own find the space where their children are going to grow up.

A Relaxed Approach to Service

I am used to serving people quickly—on a Friday night in a busy bar the college students want their drinks right away—but buying a house isn’t like ordering a round of drinks. I want to make myself as available as possible to clients and give them the tools and access to discover the property that lines up with their idea of perfection. I am not interested in high-pressure sales or hurrying people through the process, I will take as much time as needed to end up with the right house for each client.


As I have said, I have a young family that I am raising in Corvallis, so I am fully invested in this community. You can often find me
walking around Willamette Park with my boys, or taking them for a couple of afternoon games at Highland Bowl. All of the people that I work with are my neighbors and my friends. In a small tight-knit society like Corvallis, we are all neighbors, and I hope that after
working together we will also be friends.

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